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percy is giving jason a nico for his birthday. percy and piper are watching from afar.  piper is not amused

happy birthday you awkward dork jason

(i made this in like 20 minutes don’t judge)


And here’s the final print!


Happy Birthaday Jason!!!


You don't have to die in your glory
To never grow old.

Fiquei dois anos fora do tumblr, e deuses, como isso mudou. Tá tudo muito parado :(


Nico in palette #17 for an anon.
This palette was weird but interesting.

*not taking anymore requests, sorry*


M Y T H O L O G Y : D R A G O N S

Dragons are awe-inspiring patchwork creatures found in the myths and legends of cultures all around the world.

In Europe, they are nightmarish fire-spewing reptiles, large and lizard-like, with the forked tongue of a snake and wings like a bat. In the legends, they are reviled and feared because they liked to imprison maidens, destroy villages and hoard over mountains of gold.

In the ancient cultures of Mexico and South America, a divine feathered serpent known by various names was believed to renew the world after each cycle of destruction.

In China, dragons are amphibious creatures that dwell in oceans, lakes, rivers and even raindrops. They are revered as life-giving symbols of fortune and fertility, capable of unleashing rain in times of drought. They are animal mosaics, possessing the body of a snake, the scales of a fish, the talons of an eagle, the antlers of a stag, and the face of a gilin—another mythical creature that resembles a deer but whose body is wreathed in flames.

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